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The Crescent Manor is a neo gothic fairytale retreat owned by musical artist Roniit and nestled in the San Bernadino National Forest. Originally created by Roniit and co-collaborator Kerli, the Crescent Manor was designed for the artistic pursuits of many. Visiting the Manor is an unforgettable experience; you’ll find yourself inspired by nature, enthralled with the fairytale décor, and away from the noise and distractions of the city.  It’s the perfect place to find harmony, get in touch with your passions and create a true piece of art.


For decades, this house has been filled with magical and creative energy. Before becoming an oasis for the creatively inclined, the Crescent Manor was owned by an artist couple who had similar dreams for the place. They spent 20 years remodeling the home.  Amongst their most impressive work is the hand crafted, stained glass front door, iron chandelier and hand carved gothic arches.  Their masterpiece was always intended to be used for creative endeavors. Here at the Crescent Manor, we’re honored to continue their legacy and open our doors to anyone seeking a quiet space to find inspiration and create their own masterpieces. 


Like its residents, The Crescent Manor is constantly evolving. Currently, we can sleep up to 8 people within the 4 bedrooms.  Inside the house, you’ll find acrylic paints and brushes, hundreds of inspiring books and an upright piano. There’s incense, tarot cards and many magical trinkets to rouse your imagination. Behind the house, is a detached building that houses a recording studio and a film and photography studio.  Step outside the front door and you'll find yourself in a courtyard with a fountain.  Walk across the street to a beautiful hiking trail, or simply watch the sunset over the mountains from the back patio!   Any creative spark is easily ignited in this sensually stimulating space that was designed to enhance creativity.


We have different rental packages available to suit your individual needs, starting at $50 for a single room. The whole house and its studios are also available for you to book. Looking for somewhere to pen the next great American novel? The Crescent Manor can provide the solitude you are looking for. Searching for the perfect location for your next music video? Film in the house, the studio or in the forest. We can even set you up with our in house director and editor, Everett Lee-Sung. Whatever your craft may be, the Crescent Manor welcomes you into its artistic paradise.

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